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School Year Abroad (SYA) - Italy

At SYA Italy, you will learn why the world looks to Italy for fine arts, music, design, modern style trends, and culinary inspiration. Since its inception in 2000, SYA...

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School Year Abroad (SYA) - China

At SYA China, you will find yourself engaged in a way that you've never been before. Located on the campus of Beijing Normal University High School #2, SYA China opened...

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School Year Abroad (SYA) - France

Unparalleled history, art, and culture make your year at SYA France unforgettably enriching. SYA France opened in 1967, just three years after the start of School Year...

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School Year Abroad (SYA) - Spain

SYA Spain is the perfect destination for the young mind seeking an experience rich in multicultural history. Originally located in Barcelona, SYA Spain opened in 1964

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