Study Arabic at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

by Rothberg International School at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Quickly advance your Arabic in our Arabic Immersion Program, where your nonstop learning experience will go beyond the classroom to include interactions with native speakers in your dormitory, on campus, and in the city. You’ll also gain exposure to religious and cultural elements that have helped shape the Arabic language. Jerusalem’s historical ties to Islam, its large Arab population, and the experienced faculty and services of Hebrew University’s Rothberg International School make this program the ideal Arabic learning experience.

The program is based on the principle of total immersion – the constant and exclusive use of a language in its native social and cultural environment. Studies combine formal classes, interaction with native speakers outside the classroom and exposure to the religious and cultural elements that have left their indelible mark on the Arabic language.

Program Highlights

1. Study Arabic in a total language immersion program at a well-known university in Israel.

2. Learn to use the Arabic language in its native social and cultural environment.

3. Attend formal classes, interact with native speakers, and gain exposure to religious and cultural elements.

4. Spend an academic term living and studying in Jerusalem.

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Program Reviews

Most Recent

Demanding program, but time for travel

- Israel

September 20, 2009

I had an amazing time. I lived with four Israeli students in Eastern Jerusalem. I did the Penn Nursing abroad so I commuted to the Haddassah School of Nursing for courses taught in English to four other Penn students and myself. I also took a course on churches in Israel in the Rothburg International School. For our first month there, all international students took Hebrew class, which was helpful for getting around the city. My program was very demanding but I still managed to travel around Israel a bit as well as go to Petra for a weekend. I found it to be a great experience.

I had an amazing experience, but they told...

- Israel

May 10, 2009

I had an amazing experience, but they told me they had an advanced Arabic program and they didn't. Also, it was very focused around Americans... little cultural exposure unless you traveled on your own. I had to consciously break away in order to meet Israelis. Dorms were beautiful and classes were good but in the "Rothberg bubble" which many loved, but which was not my thing. That said, being abroad there was the time of my life. Also, I lived with Israelis outside of the program -- so that helped, and I'd recommend that.

Very good Hebrew language program. I had...

- Israel

April 13, 2009

Very good Hebrew language program. I had a great instructor.

Registering for courses was annoying -- the bureaucracy was annoying -- but overall I'd recommend it.

Program Details

  • Tuition: $18,600; Please see our website for cost per semester.
  • N/A
  • Israel: Jerusalem

  • Subjects & Courses


    Foreign Language


    Middle Eastern Studies



    Public Administration & Government




  • Terms Available

    Academic Year




  • American






    South African


  • Tuition: $18,600; Please see our website for cost per semester.

  • Housing

  • Apartment/Flat


    Group living

    Independent living

  • N/A

  • Language Skills Required




    Experience Required


  • Essay

    Letters of Reference

    Online Application


    Physical Exam/Health Records



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