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Rice in Tokyo, Japan

Join our six-week innovative Rice in Japan program, which focuses on intercultural communication and Japanese language. Taking place in summer, it aims to develop the participants’...

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South Korea

Rice in Seoul, South Korea

Sign up for Rice in Korea, an innovative six-week intensive intercultural communication and Korean language summer program. The objective is to develop ability in intercultural...

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Rice in Pamplona, Spain

Boost your eligibility to land a medical job in Spain through Rice in Spain - Spanish for Medical Professions! This intensive, six-week summer program in Pamplona aims to...

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Rice in Berlin, Germany

Take part in an intensive summer program through Rice University. We offer Rice in Germany to help build intercultural communication skills through language awareness and...

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Rice in Nanjing, China

Sign up for Rice in China, an intensive program that takes place in summer for six weeks. It aims to boost intercultural communication skills through critical and active

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