Apprenticeship in Sustainable Living
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Apprenticeship in Sustainable Living


  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Studies
  • Sustainable Development

Year(s) Offered

January 15 to December 15, 2017

Participation Guidelines

American, European, Canadian, Australian, South African, Kiwi, Worldwide, Asian, British and Irish Participants.

Cost in USD per week


Program Includes:

Timber Frame Construction workshop
Permaculture Design Certification Course
Wilderness First Responder Certificate

Experience Required



We look for individuals who:
* can balance work and play.
* are flexible with positive attitudes about life and work.
* are adventurous and can enjoy life in a rural setting.
* are tidy to make communal living a much more positive experience for all involved.
* are able to represent the Ranch during the entire program.
* have organizational and time-management skills.
* are prepared to be a morning person.
* are patient in the learning process.
* are physically, mentally, and emotionally fit. Being able to match our pace is very important. We need high-energy people.

Application Procedures

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