Behavioural Finance MSc
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Behavioural Finance MSc

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Program Summary

There is mounting evidence that people violate many of the "rationality" assumptions of mainstream economics. Behavioral Economics is a relatively new field that studies such violations and proposes theories to explain them. Behavioral Finance is a part of Behavioral Economics that studies important "irrationalities" on financial markets. Key topics of the MSc in Behavioral Finance program at Queen Mary University of London include common mistakes people make when deciding how much to save an dhow to invest, excess volume of trade, equity premium puzzle, bubbles, and predictability of financial markets. The two fields have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. The Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences was awarded to Daniel Kahneman in 2002 for Behavioral Economics and to Robert Shiller in 2013 for Behavioral Finance.

The backbone of the program consists of a first semester module in Behavioral Economics and a second semester module in Advanced Behavioral Finance. Apart from these modules, ...

Subjects & Courses

  • Finance

Participation Guidelines

Worldwide Participants.

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Application Procedures

  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Letters of Reference
  • Online Application
  • Transcript

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