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Don't do it

I completed an internship via pursue Asia over a year ago. They had no clue what they were doing, made me cancel flights on the day I was due to fly on the condition they would pay for my new flights. They never did and because the didn't know how to do my visa and it was all last minute it cost well over £1000 for a new flight. Upon arrival no one showed up at the airport to pick me up (something included in the price) I again had to cover this in own expenses. The place I stayed in was an hour commute when being told it was near and was a 20 minute walk to public transport. Again, something else that was 'included' when in reality you had to pay for. I didn't meet any other people like you're meant to, there wasn't a leaving do and I never met one person from the company who was meant to help you and be there for you. The employer I worked for also had a number of issues with Pursue Asia. A year on they still say they are sending me the money yet have been unable to provide evidence of doing so. There are plenty of other companies that actually provide what they say they do and don't scam you for money.

  • Pursue Asia Pvt Ltd responded to this review August 02, 2017 at 4:20 AM

    Hi Smiler,
    We at PursueAsia have no records of any 'Smiler' doing any internship program with us. Though we appreciate your efforts to write a big comment for the experience that you never had with us; we would like you to slow down, keep calm and it would be much better if you can comment on a real experience with us.
    You can also refer to what our interns have to say about us on who had the real experiences.