Volunteer in Childcare in Belize with Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students

Volunteer in Childcare in Belize with Projects Abroad

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9.0 Overall Rating
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Belize: Rural Areas

Program Summary

Projects Abroad in Belize offers the opportunity for volunteers to work in kindergartens. On this project, volunteers will contribute to the educational development of children in kindergartens.

In Belize, many children enter school without knowing any English, and some students are still illiterate when they graduate. You can have a crucial role in improving the literacy of the children you interact with during this project.

Although there are kindergartens and schools in Belize that provide quality education for children, many families are not able to afford extra teaching support, like tutoring, that is often needed for a child reach their full potential.

Our Care placements are based in the town of San Pedro.

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Alternative Spring Break

The childcare program in Belize through Projects Abroad is one that I will always recommend. The staff was excellent, they were very welcoming. They showed us around San Pedro and helped us out all week. The accommodations were nothing special, but they were exactly what I would expect for a developing country. The food was amazing, one of the things that I miss the most! The work that we did when we were there was very meaningful. We got to see our direct impact on the preschoolers that we were working with. We also did work at the food bank. I met many amazing people who I hope that I can stay in touch with. If you want to do an alternative spring break, then I recommend going through Projects Abroad!

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