Teach English in Cambodia with Projects Abroad
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Teach English in Cambodia with Projects Abroad

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A Month in Phnom Penh

My experience in Phnom Penh, Cambodia was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I would absolutely go back in a heart beat. Traveling through Projects Abroad worked out very well for me. My travel itinerary was organized, all I had to do was show up at the airport and be able to navigate my way through. My arrival in Cambodia was just as organized. After obtaining my visa and important customs documents, I was met by a staff member and driver who helped me with my luggage. They took me to my accommodation where I immediately felt safe. I arrived in Phnom Penh late in the evening. The staff member responsible for getting me from the airport to my apartment provided me with a detailed itinerary for the next day's induction day. Induction day was completely focused on showing me the city, my project (the school) and familiarizing me with the Projects Abroad office and personnel in Phnom Penh. I was absolutely pleased with the travel side of Projects Abroad.
My accommodation was not the greatest but I feel that was at little fault of Projects Abroad. Volunteers traveling to Cambodia must first understand the meaning of a third world country. Do not go to this country expecting life to be comfortable. The country is generally hot, the apartments and schools do not have air conditioning. The water is not safe for foreigners to drink UNLESS provided by Projects Abroad (which they did an outstanding job of providing clean water for volunteers). Do not be expecting warm showers at the apartment. These are not every day amenities for the people of Cambodia. If you are coming to their country, do not expect to bring yours with you. Leave it at home, that's why you are traveling.
Projects Abroad does everything possible on their end to ensure that their volunteers feel safe, worthy and taken care of not only in the accommodation, but as well as in their projects and in their general health and safety while traveling with Projects Abroad. I can say only great things about this company.

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