Public Health in Belize for Teens
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Public Health in Belize for Teens

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Public health In San Pedro

I had a very inspiring trip to San Pedro, Belize. I learned so much about the community, especially because of how welcoming it is. The island is quite small, and the people are incredible. I was only there a month, however as I biked down the streets people waved to me and already knew me around after my first week. I also stayed with a host family which was one of the best parts of the trip. I loved learning about my family and their traditions and culture, and getting to know them.
The public health program is quite interesting. There are lots of health issues in San Pedro because of the limited resources available to the community. Education is not a priority, which already puts the entire community at a disadvantage. Educating the community members on basic health facts for themselves and their children was something we did quite frequently that had a huge impact on them. They learned basic things that helped them gain the knowledge they needed to stay on top of their health. We also did mobile clinics that were free to the community and that was also a very meaningful experience because we were really able to directly help the community become more aware of their personal health. I found the project to be quite intriguing and new ideas were always emerging throughout our time on the island.
The public health placement tends to run a little on the slower side. There aren’t a lot of staff, and we are on an island, so sometimes things do not get done as quickly as I am used to at home. Despite that, we were able to manage and continue to push for what we wanted and needed in order to get the most out of our experience on the island. Overall, I had an incredible time in San Pedro, and really loved all of the different aspects of my trip.

  • Projects Abroad responded to this review July 28, 2017 at 4:34 PM

    Hi Sophie! It's great to hear you connected so well with you host family and that you were interested and challenged by your project. Belize is a developing country with a great need for education and health services, as you accurately mention, which is why the help of generous volunteers like yourself is much needed. This is also why certain processes might take longer than you are used to, but we appreciate your patience, and so do the patients that you were able to help during your project. Thanks for sharing!

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