Projects Abroad in Kenya
Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students

Projects Abroad in Kenya

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Two Week High School Special in Nakuru, Kenya, so great!!

I had always been interested in volunteering abroad and decided on joining Projects Abroad for their 2 Week Care and Community project in Nakuru, Kenya. My parents we reassured about safety after reading through continuous satisfactory reviews, and through receiving emails and phone calls from both the Kenyan and New York Projects Abroad offices.
Upon my arrival to Nairobi, Kenya, I was greeted by two staff members who were very friendly, took my bags, and led me to a minivan with a driver, and two other volunteers who had also recently landed at the airport. We then drove to a guest house were we spent the night before our three hour drive to Nakuru. Once in Nakuru, we arrived at the house of our host mother, Miriam. Miriam had a beautiful, gated, five bedroom home. She was very kind, as was her caring housemaid, Lynette, who assisted us with anything that we needed and cooked our meals. I truly felt at home and comfortable at Miriam’s.
Our work consisted of renovating a classroom in a school that was in bad condition. We worked in the mornings to sand the walls, put in a new floor, and repaint the classroom. We would then go home for lunch, and later tend to children at care centers, such as a baby orphanage. I can’t describe how much our work was appreciated. We even took a Swahili lesson and a local dance workshop. On the weekends we visited lakes, went on a safari, and enjoyed the wildlife and souvenirs at local markets.
I was more than satisfied with my experience with Projects Abroad and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is interested in seeing the world in a different light. My two weeks in Nakuru were exciting and adventurous, and I’ve created new friendships that I will never forget. I am grateful to Projects Abroad for guiding me through every step of the way of such an exciting moment in my life.

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