Physical Therapy Placements in Bolivia with Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students

Physical Therapy Placements in Bolivia with Projects Abroad

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Pediatric Burn Unit in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Working with burned kids in a burn unit in Bolivia was an experience I will never forget. I was able to get hands on with the kids right away even though I am still an undergrad in the US! It was amazing being able to stretch and massage the burns while also being able to get to know the kids and their stories. These kids were the happiest, sweetest kids I could have hoped to work for.

Outside of work I was able to travel with other volunteers during the weekend. I'm so glad Projects Abroad organized events every Thursday so that throughout my stay I was continuously meeting new volunteers from around the world. I think one of the best nights Projects Abroad organized was learning salsa because a week later I went to a salsa club and was able to use what I learned!

My host family from the very beginning was extremely welcoming. They showed me where they shopped, prepared different traditional Bolivian meals everyday and always was ready to share a story with me. The family helped make the transition to the Bolivian lifestyle very smooth because they knew when all the events were happening around the city and had great advice to give me when I traveled.

I absolutely loved Bolivia and would recommend everyone to visit at least once in their lives

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