Medicine in Peru with Projects Abroad (High School)
Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students Projects Abroad volunteer teacher and her students

Medicine in Peru with Projects Abroad (High School)

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8/ 10

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Volunteering with Projects Abroad in Peru

I gained a lot of both knowledge and experience by volunteering with Projects Abroad. I was able to observe and sometimes assist doctors in a clinic, participate in workshops, and spend some time with other volunteers. I liked specifically about Projects Abroad that I was able to choose the dates I went there and came back. Not only do they have a plethora of programs to choose from, but you can choose a program that is focused on something specific. For example, I chose a program focused on medicine. I also liked that we did some sightseeing in the evenings and weekends. Although I picked a program focused on medicine, we did not just learn about medicine. I saw some tourist attractions and did fun activities with other volunteers.
The staff was very supportive of the volunteers. They helped us and explained everything as best they could. Also, the house I stayed in during my time in Peru was great. I was provided a clean, nice bedroom and bathroom with everything I need. A tasty and sufficient breakfast, lunch, and dinner were also provided everyday by my host family. The other volunteers in my program were very kind and I got along with them as soon as I met them. They have made the program more enjoyable. We still keep in touch.
All in all, volunteering abroad with Projects Abroad is a great way to go! I made unforgettable memories and got some once in a lifetime experiences.

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