Law and Human Rights in Morocco
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Law and Human Rights in Morocco

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Human Rights in Morocco

I studied International Relations in college, studying both French and Arabic, and was looking to broaden my perspective by volunteering abroad. I had worked at non-profits in the US and was looking for a different experience - and a very different perspective - by working abroad for the summer.

I ended up choosing Projects Abroad based on the recommendation of a friend, who had traveled with them in Nepal a year before. I chose their Morocco program due to my French background and my interest in Human Rights.

I was placed with a Human Rights NGO in Rabat. It was a great learning experience, and one in which I was given great freedom to research and learn about what I was interested in. I was able to help with translations from French to English, as well as put together materials for school groups learning about human rights issues. My primary concentration was on the death penalty - a controversial topic around the world, but particularly interesting in light of the Koran and the religious population in Morocco. It was great to have informed discussions with staff, who came from all different backgrounds; they were really interested in my own perspective as an American as well.

All in all, I'd certainly recommend a Human Rights placement, but ask that you think carefully about when you'd like to travel. I was limited to the summer months, but unfortunately this time of year was a bit slower in the office, especially due to Ramadan. Keep this in mind and make sure to discuss this with your contacts at PA: this may not apply to all placements, either.

Outside of my work hours, I had an incredible time traveling on the weekends, exploring the Rabat medina, learning to cook, eating street food, and genuinely experiencing all that Morocco has to offer. It's an experience I would recommend to everyone looking for a broadened perspective and a little adventure.

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