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Drama Project in Romania with Projects Abroad

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A true fantasy...

When it was time for me to leave Romania, I looked back at the amazing city of Brasov, with tears in my eyes. "I don't want it to be over…" I choked. My experience with Projects Abroad Romania this past August was one of the most beautiful and special things that I have ever done.

Projects Abroad offers a number of exciting volunteer opportunities in multiple destinations, including Bolivia, Fiji, and Morocco (I have participated in these programs, and I also give them highest recommendation). In terms of accommodations, Projects Abroad typically pays local families to host the volunteers. My family in Romania was incredible: they were a retired couple with a son who lives in Bucharest. There was no challenge they were not willing to meet to make sure that I had lots of delectable food, a safe and perfectly clean house, and a comfortable place to relax after a day of volunteering. Despite the fact that we did not speak the same language, we found ways to communicate that mere words could never achieve.

In terms of my volunteer placement, I had officially signed up to teach a drama program in August. Of course, August is the off-season for that project, and it does not officially exist. However, Alexandra from the Projects Abroad staff immediately set to work to make sure that I had a task that would benefit the community and help me grow as well. I taught a small video production workshop to two high school students, where they wrote and recorded their own commercial. I also worked as a mentor and care assistant at a foster home in Prejmer, a village about 40 minutes away from Brasov. The director of the home additionally asked me to record a promotional video, and to me, any placement that is happy to have me do video work is an amazing one.

Throughout my time in Romania, I made some amazing friendships both with the Projects Abroad staff and the other volunteers. One can never predict how well they will click with the other volunteers (of course, on every one of my Projects Abroad trips, my colleagues have been extraordinary), but as a general rule, if someone is willing to pay to do volunteer work, they must be of the highest caliber. It honestly broke my heart to leave them, but I am happy to report that I still keep in contact with my new Romanian family. Romania is a land of wonder and fantasy, and the best way to experience this is, without a doubt, on a Projects Abroad trip.

  • Projects Abroad responded to this review December 19, 2016 at 11:49 AM

    Dear jordimus.
    Sounds like you have quite some experience volunteering abroad! Thank you for always coming back to us! We do work hard in accommodating each of our volunteers' skills and interests into their placement. Sounds like the video work you were involved with was very perfect for you! Thank you for sharing your talents! Hope you can join us again in another one of our projects soon!

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