Get ahead abroad by adding IELTS/TOEIC skills to your resume
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Get ahead abroad by adding IELTS/TOEIC skills to your resume

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Excellent Customer Service too!

Loved studying from here. I took the 180 hours of combined TEFL, Teaching Business + Teaching young learners training and I got a discount too!. It was easy to purchase and log in for the first time. Each course you have a certain amount of time but I didn’t feel under pressure at all. You can put a message in the live chat and they get right back to you, Rosanna is so helpful! You don't need to kill yourself to get through some of the content which was good and I feel like I learned a lot - the guys are really fast at responding to any problems I have too. If you are looking to just get started in TEFL or are thinking of travelling and picking up work then this course might suit you as it gives you three courses that cover a lot. The qualifications will allow you to find work in many schools worldwide and if you haven't taught before it is a small investment to find out if teaching English abroad is something you actually want to do. I will always have my three certificates to prove that I worked hard at my course and I am thinking about using my teaching young learners course qualification the most. Imagine the cute little faces that I can teach! I am always happy with my PremierTEFL experience and would recommend them again.