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  4. Jewellery Design in Milan offers a course in Jewellery Design that is ideal for individuals who intend to devote themselves to the design of jewellery. The course allows a rapid understanding of the logic of the industry and the basis for the production of jewellery with an overall view of the production cycle. jewellery will be studied from the point of view of design and all its basic elements: materials, techniques, culture, trends, market, retail, communication, design, modeling, and prototyping. The course will address the complexity of all aspects of jewellery design. The course is ideal for graduates of art schools and jewellery institutes, business operators, and professionals who wish to specialize in jewellery design.

Program Highlights

Study Jewelry Design in a winter masters course in Italy.

Take a closer look at the logic of the jewelry industry and the basis for jewelry production.

Learn about jewelry and its basic elements, including materials, techniques, and culture.

Spend the winter living and studying in Milan.

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  • Italy: Milan

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    Jewelry Design

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  • Open to All Ages

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