Child Care and Baby Weighing in Ghana
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Child Care and Baby Weighing in Ghana

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9/ 10

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I had an amazing 4 weeks at this projects!

I had the amazing opportunity to join this project for a 4 week placement. During the time leading up to my departure, any queries or concerns I had were addressed by Gemma of the Pod team. This was a great reassurance to know I had this support before, during and after my volunteering placement!
Ghana is a great destination to volunteer in, the community that I stayed in were so welcoming. This really allowed me, after a few days, to begin to adjust to life in the village. Whilst I did find it a bit of a culture shock at first, within a week I found I did not miss home at all!

An average day at the project entailed working at the kindergarten in the morning and in the afternoon I was free to spend my time doing crafts, reading or playing with the children. Halfway through my placement the kindergarten closed as it was the school holidays. This gave me the great opportunity to help the children with their maths and English skills in small groups. I found that the children were really keen to learn, it was incredibly rewarding to see how triumphant they were when they had grasped something they had once found challenging.

Whilst I was volunteering at the Kindergarten, I did at times find it a little bit challenging due to the high number of children in the classroom. The high numbers did result in it being quite hard to get their attention and maintain their focus. However, if you do not expect too much at first and are prepared to persevere, you really do reap the benefits of your efforts. Your efforts made it feel all the more rewarding when children engaged in the sessions you had prepared.

A month may not seem like a long time to volunteer, however I still felt that I could make a great difference in that time. It was overall a very rewarding experience, the hardest part was having to return home! So anyone who is considering joining the team in Ghana should definitely go for it!