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Electro Technical Officer

*As an ETO (Electro Technical Officer): insulation test and low insulation tracking, creating requisitions of eletrical/electronic/instrumentation items required onboard vessels, electric motor overhauls, fire alarm system tests, maintenance to Main Switch Boards. Diagnostic of electrical failures.

*As a Network Field Engineer I was in charge of commisioning and test of the F01D500 and F01D1000 Huawei Cabinets (Indoor and Outdoor models), installing backup batteries, optic fiber, radio and ethernet connection and configuration, protocols settings, suscriber line services (hot line, service line, call forwarding, caller id) test. Request and installation of cabinet's parts for corrective maintenance. Generating reports for project managers. Customer training with regards cabinets operation.

*As an IT Officer,
Ensure that each vessel has their software updated (OS, Office applications, company management programs, Antivirus, Communications such as Satlink, Printers)
Monitoring the planned maintenance system for each equipment on board, including inventory, requisitions, overhauls, non scheduled maintenance reports.
Editing and updating daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual specific maintenance works based on the new rules announced by all related institutions such as SOLAS, IMO, MARPOL, etc
Providing helpdesk support to Masters and officers regarding important issues that do not allow to keep doing regular operations on board.
Providing technical support suggesting which hardware/software must be the right ones when the equipment onboard is getting obsolete
Ensure that the data is in a safe place (including backup) before any substantial change is performed
Training officers on board regarding new company software tools or new documents to be updated in the management software.
Providing feedback to the company software developers regarding errors at the moment of implementing upgrades to our applications

*Volunteer with Red Cross / Aragua sectional, VE (SUMA software Trainer) during the Vargas State flood on December 1999

Program: Planet Expat Internships & Jobs Program Chile