Technical Theater Internship in Rome, Italy
Music students performing on stage Music students performing on stage

Technical Theater Internship in Rome, Italy

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Don't expect it to be like the USA, it's not. Take it as it comes and be willing to adapt.

I made life-long friends and had an amazing adventure. I got to do and see things I only ever dreamed about seeing. I gain confidence in myself. I feel like a whole new person. I am trying new things and I am no longer afraid of what others might think. I know I'm awesome and that's all that matters.

The in-country staff was very excited about my program. Thomas was very excited about starting a relationship with theaters around the area and possibly a theater program at the school. The teachers were very good as well for the short time I was in classes.

Computers and libraries were readily accessible. The school had everything had many facilities that proved quite useful. The internet access was fantastic and available at all school buildings as well as the apartment. Gonzo, the restaurant, was fantastic and the Thursday theme dinners were amazing. I very much liked that I got meals with my program.

The only negative aspect of my experience was my roommate. The advantage was there was only two of us while some of my friends had 4 to 6. The only downside is if you don't get along, and we didn't, you can't get a roommate change like you can do sometimes in the states. It was mostly that she never discuss anything with me before going out to buy things like cleaning supplies and threw away things I used like the pot holder...