Music Volunteering in South Africa
Music students performing on stage Music students performing on stage

Music Volunteering in South Africa

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9/ 10

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Making music under African skies

My three weeks'at the Casterbridge Centre for Musical Development in Mpumalanga South Africa were a wonderful blend of teaching and learning. I enjoyed assisting the instructors in teaching music theory, doing impromptu music workshops in primary and secondary schools, helping students with piano and recorder, editing music theory online learning materials, and meeting musicians from South Africa and Zimbabwe with whom I was able to jam and to exchange ideas, thoughts, and feelings about what it means to be a musician anywhere in the world -- what connects us all. Though it was my first time in South Africa, my experiences of living and traveling in other parts of Africa meant that everything was in some ways familiar and in other ways brand new -- but I felt at home and at peace wherever I went. My hosts were wonderfully hospitable. If I had hoped to spend the entire time focusing on playing and teaching violin (that's my main instrument) I might have been disappointed -- but for me, since my main goal was to connect with musicians, play different styles of music, share what I know and learn from others, everything worked out very well.