Choir Internship in Rome, Italy
Music students performing on stage Music students performing on stage

Choir Internship in Rome, Italy

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Review of choir internship in Rome, Italy

My experience in Rome and with my host choir ended up being really amazing, but we had a rocky start. When we (me and the other interns) arrived in Rome, it immediately became apparent that we were not going to have the amount of work we were guaranteed. We were expecting 20 hours of choir related things per week, but in reality we only had one 3 hour rehearsal per week, with a couple other tasks that would add maybe 2 more hours per week. We also had to pay extra for the two choir trips that would be the only performance opportunities we would have with the choir. However, after bringing these issues up to PAA, we ended up being reimbursed for the two choir trips and we were able to go to an insanely cool early music festival with our choir director. The other thing that we were initially given when we brought up these issues was another internship opportunity for two weeks during our stay. This opportunity presented itself as a music workshop for Italian children who are learning English, in which we would be leading the musical activities. Unfortunately, after agreeing to do this, we found out that it was actually an English intensive summer workshop, with almost no musical activities, and the main purpose of us being there was to help with teaching English and wrangling the kids. So while that aspect was slightly disappointing, everything else about our compensation and other opportunities (the early music festival and tickets to an outdoor opera) was great. I just wish the communication had been better prior to our arrival so that the compensation and discussion didn't have to happen while we were already in Rome.