Intern or Research Abroad in London with Panrimo!
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Intern or Research Abroad in London with Panrimo!

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8/ 10

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Human Resources in Health Care

I was a participant in the 10 week internship program through Panrimo. My internship placement was amazing! I worked with the best people and really learned a lot about HR while interning and was also able to see how the roles in HR merge in the healthcare sector. However, there were some faults in the program. Upon the arrival to the UK we did not have set accommodations and spent our whole first day wandering around with all our luggage in hand. Once we finally were able to get to our flat it was not suitable for what we were paying. With that being said we were going to be moved that Monday to a new flat. After moving all of our things to a new flat on Monday, there were also many issues with the new flat throughout our time in London. Overall the accommodations portion of the trip was not of good quality and I was very disappointed with that. Panrimo definitely needs to work on their accommodations and how they handle placing interns in with each other.