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Czech Republic

Czech Republic: Tonmeister Studies

Study the art of recording live music in Prague, the vibrant Eastern European home to world-class musicians, famous concert halls, churches, and the film music recording

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Multiple Countries

Physical Therapy in a Global Context

Travel to Tel Aviv or Trinidad in January to engage in the study of physical therapy in an Israeli or Caribbean context. Students will have the chance to analyze clinicians...

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Ghana: Education and Diversity: Comparative Perspectives

Take a course that explores the way contemporary societies address differences in ethnicity, race, gender, and religion in their educational systems. Participants in this...

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Germany: Art and Ideas: The Berlin Biennial

Study in Germany and take part in a studio course or hybrid seminar with NYU - Steinhardt Global Programs. Program participants will be exploring the current discourse and...

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Puerto Rico

Theater Practices

Spend two weeks in Puerto Rico this January exploring broad questions about drama and its practice in educational, aesthetic, and applied settings. Radical approaches to

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Disability in a Global Context

Join a diverse group of students from varied backgrounds in Israel for two weeks this January for NYU - Steinhardt Global Programs Disability in a Global Context program....

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Global Food Cultures: India

Spend two weeks in New Delhi, India, this January examining both the global city’s uniquely diverse food cultures within the larger context of the country and the evolution...

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Dance Education in Uganda

Spend two weeks in Uganda this January learning how to teach, create, and perform dance, and to build community through the lens of another culture. Participants in this

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France: Topics in Globalization: Creating French Culture

Explore Paris and participate in an aesthetic and political thought experiment on place and space with NYU - Steinhardt Global Programs. Students will revisit the spatial...

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Ireland : Global Food Cultures

Spend two weeks exploring the culturally and historically rich culinary landscape and food systems of Ireland, with a focus on the cities of Dublin and Cork. Through guest...

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Italy: Italian Cuisine and the Mediterranean Diet

Study Food and Nutrition in Tuscany through the program offered by the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health. Students will be based in the beautiful La...

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Germany/Netherlands: Art Administration

Examine current issues affecting international arts practices in the Netherlands and Germany this summer with NYU - Steinhardt Global Programs. Students will engage in discussions...

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United Kingdom

UK: Drama and Youth

Immerse in the study of drama in education and theater for young audiences in London. Through daily fieldwork, students will learn how to implement and devise process drama...

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Brazil: Race, Class and Equity in Higher Education

This NYU - Steinhardt Global Programs course analyzes the emergence and impact of race and social class-based affirmative action policies in Brazil, placing the Brazilian...

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