Become a Sales Professional in Japan
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Become a Sales Professional in Japan

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Becoming a salesman...

More than a short stint and an excuse to see the East, Military Autosource (MAS) has endowed me with marketable skills and also providing a decent pay for what is, all in all, classroom learning. Apartment is provided for, transportation is accounted for, and when you're not working, you're actively encouraged to have fun and explore your location.

One of the most comforting thing is everyone in the company is open, outgoing, and friendly. Put the effort in, and you'll be handsomely rewarded. My training class was everything between advancing employees, seasoned veterans of sales, and people completely new to the selling world.

  • Military AutoSource responded to this review February 16, 2018 at 1:55 PM

    For the sake of clarity: All of our sales representatives go through an intensive 3 month training program on Guam before they move to Japan or Korea. This includes classroom and as well as a hands on approach to learning the skills of professional sales. At the end of 3 months everyone that makes the grade is fully prepared to perform their duties and thrive in Japan and Korea.