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Middlebury College - CMRS Oxford Humanities Program

Overall Rating

8/ 10

  • Academics


  • Living Situation


  • Cultural Immersion


  • Program Administration


  • Health & Safety


  • Community


Excellent academics with many opportunities

The program at M-CMRS is well organized to help students adapt and thrive in a new environment. During my semester at CMRS I found the challenge of the tutorial system to be fulfilling and exciting as I learned new skills in research methods, literary analysis, and in-depth note taking. The fast-paced format of the classes pushed my limits and helped me develop and become more comfortable with my writing process.

The staff members at CMRS are very helpful and are dedicated to the success of each student. Their interest surpassed academic advisement and they were deeply aware of each student’s mental and physical wellness.

The CMRS program is perfectly structured to enable students to experience all parts of Oxford student life. The location is right in the heart of Oxford and makes interaction with the greater population quite easy. Social events were frequent both within CMRS and at Keble and the other Oxford schools.

I would recommend the CMRS program to anyone interested who is passionate about Medieval and literature studies as well as anyone interested in experiencing the Oxford system. Overall a very valuable experience.