Teaching English in Moldova
Love Volunteers participant with two local kids Love Volunteers participant with two local kids

Teaching English in Moldova

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Captivated by a great program!

I had an amazing time in the city of Causeni, Moldova. This place took me back in time without loosing the amenities of the modern present (like wifi). Imagine this, almost everything you eat is fresh and every family makes their own wine! Life seems simpler and people are down to Earth. My host family went out their ways to make me feel at home, making my stay both comfortable and enjoyable. I must say, this place captivated me and coming back will soon feel like a necessity. I visited an old monastery in Orheiul Vechi for one afternoon and the capital for 3hrs, the rest of my time was well spent in the volunteer project and just being. The experience was so fulfilling that I extended my stay. I learn so much about other aspects of life and myself that I am grateful.

Cãuseni is quiet and calm, one mainstreet, local markets, hospitals, stores, gas stations, schools, etc. Several streets with houses and buildings (many constructed under the soviet union regime, 30+ years ago, many of those unfinished). And of course, with some new ones and free wifi in the city. Outside the city centre, 20mins walking, you find pastures, forests, family homes, farm animals, kids playing, people sitting in the front porch, ladies taking care of the roses after milking the cow... The sounds of nature being alive and well. Backyards planted with trees, apple, cherry, pear, walnut, apricot, grapes... Gardens with raspberries, cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbages, corn. Well... The list, as life itself, goes on!

There I had the opportunity to volunteer assisting in English classes and teaching. I spent my time helping kids, youth and some young adults to do or review their homework, practice pronunciation and sharing stories. For students it's also a chance to learn from another country and from my own experiences. I had the privilege to work alongside Coiceva Svetlana, who is the leader and anchor of this amazing project. She is an amazing human being and an inspiring person. Also crazy enough to work in this field. I'm blessed for meeting her. Every attending student is eager to learn (all of them already speaks russian, ukrainian and romanian), but not just English but about the world in general. They take it seriously as they look for a brighter future. Projects like this one are worth investing in...


  • Love Volunteers responded to this review August 22, 2015 at 7:28 AM

    Hi Gustavo! Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed and inspirational review of this program. We are sure that future volunteers considering joining us in Moldova will really appreciate this wonderful insight into life in this beautiful country. We agree, Svetlana is such an amazing person and alongside the rest of her team, is having such a wonderfully positive impact within her community. We are thrilled to be working alongside her, and to have volunteers such as yourself on the Love Volunteers team. Thank you! :)