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South Africa

Learn English in South Africa with Linguago

South Africa is a diverse and varied country with locals who communicate in the English Language. Blessed by its geographical location, South Africa is home to the beautiful...

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United States

Learn English in the USA with Linguago

The USA – land of the free, land of opportunity, land of the English language. Travelling to America in your lifetime is a must, with all the sites, shows, monuments and...

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Learn Italian in Italy with Linguago

The land of food, culture and love; Italy is a great location to learn the Italian Language within an Italian Language School. Linguago has pointed out the accredited

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Learn French in France with Linguago

The fabulous land of France is the place to be should you be interested in developing your skills in the French language. Walking through the boulevards with the typical...

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Learn Spanish in Argentina with Linguago

Spanish is an international language that gives those who can communicate in such a language the ability to spread their wings across a vast array of lands allowing for better...

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Learn English in Malta with Linguago

Malta is a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea that caters for a number of English language schools. Linguago highlights the key schools on the island and...

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Learn English in England with Linguago

England is home to one of the most powerful and widely spoken languages across the globe, the English language. So why not take the opportunity to learn one of the most useful...

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Learn Spanish in Spain with Linguago

Take the bull by the horns and travel to Spain to learn the Spanish Language. Spain is the place to be for good wine, tapas, salsa and of course siestas but putting some...

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Learn English in Ireland with Linguago

Ireland is an island in the North Atlantic separated into two political parts, namely the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Linguago’s priority is to highlight...

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