Social Media Content Assistant - St. Petersburg, Moscow
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Social Media Content Assistant - St. Petersburg, Moscow

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My experiences as "Social Media Assistant" in Saint Petersburg

Привет everyone. My name is Daniela, I’m 22 years old and I am from Vienna/Austria. Here I want to share my personal experiences with you about my internship as "Social Media Content Assistant" at Liden & Denz in Saint Petersburg.

I am studying “International Business Relations”, specializing in Marketing and in the course of our studies, we have the opportunity to do an internship abroad in the 5th semester and I’ve chosen Russia. On the first working day, I got introduced to all colleagues in the company. They are all very nice and you can always ask them if any questions emerge.

Our main duty every day was to write a blog about an insider tip regarding Saint Petersburg or Russia in general. Perhaps an article about some nice facts about the Russian language, culture or the Russian superstitions. In every blog we had to integrate an image that we maybe took by our own; it just shouldn't be copyright one.

We had a schedule about our tasks which intern has to do what on which day. For example, every Thursday I had to write a blog in German or every Tuesday I had my "Social Media Marketing" day. On that day I didn't had to write a blog. My function was to keep the social media sites, such as facebook, instagram and YouTube up to date. That was a pleasant contrast to the remaining days where we wrote an article in English or German.

What I liked best, was that we could work alone in an own, modern classroom. Nobody was watching us all the time and we could choose any topic we thought it would be interesting to write about - that was great! We could implement our own experiences in the articles and when we were done, we could go home.

On the whole I can say that I'm really happy to spend my internship here in the beautiful so-called "Venice of the North" for 3 months. I still have 1 month left and I'm sure that I will keep this time in my mind positively. Therefore, I strongly recommend an internship at Liden & Denz if you have the opportunity to do it.

Furthermore, the coffee in the lobby downstairs was a great plus in the ground floor.