Sporty Au-Pair Urgently Needed in a Coruña, Spain!
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Sporty Au-Pair Urgently Needed in a Coruña, Spain!

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Two months to remember

I am so grateful for the fantastic opportunity offered by LanguageJobSpain, as I am sure that being an au-pair in Vigo this summer has changed my life. Doña Ana and her family have been amazing, and so were the friends I've met in Galicia. I have managed to build some strong bonds with people in Vigo and, hopefully, I can come back and visit them at some point.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the company of my family who looked after me like I was their own son. Day trips to places like Porto, Cies Islands, Ons Islands, A Coruña or Santiago will always be on my mind and all these have only been possible due to the benevolence of doña Ana and her family. Fate has been really kind with me. I cannot stress out enough how friendly and enjoyable the people in Vigo have been.

Galician cuisine is one of a kind: all kind of seafruits, churrascos, chorizo, jamon, cheese, combined together with other exquisite dishes and some of the best wines I've ever tasted. Magnificent!

It might sound like I've lived an utopic life in the two months spent in Spain, but there really isn't anything negative I can point out. The time spent with Claudio and Santiago (the fantastic two kids for whom I have been a bigger brother) was great fun and taught me a lot - they are the first I have to thank for helping me grasp the basics of Spanish. I am improving my skills now, as I keep in touch with the friends I made in Vigo.