Sicily - Italian Language Courses Milazzo
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Sicily - Italian Language Courses Milazzo

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9/ 10

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An escape to Sicily

I've studied at Laboling a number of times now over the last 4 years. The first time I came for two weeks and then I returned a few more times for a month or two. It's a wonderful school and I say that after studying in Rome, Florence, Siena and Perugia in the past. Sicily is unforgettable - it's beautiful and the food is incredible but especially because the people are so warm and open. And that's especially true at the school. Laboling is a small school so the classes are intimate and you get lots of time for conversation and songs and games. The teachers and the secretary are always available to help you for anything you might need from the time you register.
Classes are in the morning and then there are excursions in the afternoon to some great spots that would be difficult to get to on your own. I loved seeing so much of Sicily - and eating all of the delicious food!
One of the best parts of the school is that you won't find many other Americans or English speakers. And most of the locals don't speak English either. It's a great opportunity if you really want to immerse yourself in Italian. I was always able to communicate and people were really patient and friendly.
There's a shared apartment above the school which is convenient and a nice way to spend time with the other students. I made friends there that I still keep in touch with today. But I really recommend staying at least a week with a family and having lunch with them. There is no better experience for getting to know Sicily - although you may need to go on a diet immediately afterwards! I loved the week I stayed with a couple and their daughter. She introduced me to all her friends and took me out to events in Messina and the nearby towns. In fact she introduced me to the man that I ended up marrying 2 years later!
I highly recommend Laboling and think it's a shame that more Americans haven't discovered it yet. The school is fantastic and you can travel all over Sicily in your free time!