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LAE Kids - Spanish Classes for Kids and families in Madrid

LAE Kids is a Spanish Academy in Madrid, the only one of its kind that is solely dedicated to working with children using a proven methodology of complete immersion in the...

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10 / 10

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Most Amazing experience for our family

La Aventura Espanola was something which fell into my family's lap. We did not know what to expect and had never met anyone who had attended the school. I do believe this school gave me and my kids one of the most amazing Spanish learning experiences of our lives. This school experience in Madrid started out as a "bucket lister" for me. In the end it was a life improving and changing experience for me and my two kids. My son, who is 10 years old and in 5th grade, gained not only amazing classroom experience, but also fantastic life experiences. He is a very easy going child and he soaked up the entire experience. Along with being able to make great projects in the class, he was able to go out into the city, go on the subways, take a certain amount of money and go on a shopping hunt. My daughter, who is 7 years old and in 2nd grade learned through art, puppets, play dough, and some city outings as well. I knew we were in a great school when her teacher would bring her back to me and she was smiling. (Let's just say sometimes she can be moody:) After a few weeks she was actually correcting my husband , when he would say something wrong in Spanish. At the end of every class both of my kids were so full of energy and excited to share with me what they had learned! (Anyone who has kids knows that rarely happens when it comes to kids and school) I was also blessed to have an amazing experience! Everyday I would walk into the school and know I was going to be very well taken care of and learn at a pace which worked for me. All three of us were pushed at the perfect pace. We always felt welcomed and at home at the school. From the administration, to the teachers, to the other students walking around in the halls, we always felt very comfortable. Now that we are back home, my kids and I talk about La Aventura Espanola all the time (they even talk about the school to people, who they do not know, in stores)!! With all this being said, it sounds as if we only enjoyed ourselves and didn't really learn anything. On the contrary, all three of us learned more than we could have dreamed we would have learned. I think what I am trying to say is, my kids learned without even realizing they were learning. What a great way to learn a language and have a memory your family will always remember and cherish. At the end of our last class, I actually cried! We had only been there for three months, but my kids and I felt like we were saying good-bye to friends we had know for years! We miss everyone at La Aventura Espanola but we also know we will go back. There is no doubt in our minds this is the best school for adults and kids to learn another language!!

Program: LAE Kids - Spanish Classes for Kids and families in Madrid