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L.A. High School/Summer DANCE in L.A. Program

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10/ 10

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LACE also known as my second family!

I remember when I was sitting at the Airport 2 years ago, nervous and scared but also excited to go for a half year abroad. Before I came, my family and I looked in the internet for a good exchange program after a few horrible and nasty programs we found finally L.A Cultural Exchange. Since the first second we spoke we knew they are kind, helpful and the perfect exchange program. After only a few weeks I already got mail with photos of my host family, and school and then it finally started!:) at the airport they already welcomed me with a huge hug and I felt like I haver never left my home. Driving through LA with my host family was such a amazing feeling! After few days I attended the first day of school, and I can't say anything else besides I LOVED IT! I met the kindest, funniest and the most lovely people in the world! The teachers and people at school treat you since the first day that you are now a member of a new big family ❤️ .This amazing time passed so fast! After all I decided to stay longer and to finish the high school with a diploma and yes I made it !:-) spending all my time to see big LA, hanging out with my new best friends, and hanging out with my second family - I couldn't image to leave this place ever again! All I want to say is PLEASE take a chance and be one of our exchange family, if you want to have a good time then you will have it for sure with LACE - L.A Cultural Exchange is small but they have more than a golden heart! ❤️ Also I want to say thank you to L.A Cultural Exchange because you guys made this experience unforgettable, thank you that I have now the best second family and the best friends! Los Angeles is not only a city it is also my second home❤️ Love you Lisa and Nancy!! Xoxo Nadine