Organic Farming/Aquaculture/Community Health
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Organic Farming/Aquaculture/Community Health

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Memorable experience!

I had a wonderful stay at the Kiskeya farm and I hope to go back! That being said, I will try to list some objective feedback to help others decide if this is right for them:
++ Arielle organized the whole trip quite well and kept in touch with me while I was there to make sure things were on track. The staff on the property (especially Ashley- who I still keep in touch with via whatsapp) were extremely friendly and really looked after me - I was picked up at the airport, dropped off at the bus station, taken on a tour of PaP, taken to a local beach, etc. The food was very good and they were willing to adjust to my diet (pescatarian). The bedroom was huge and the bed was comfortable (it had an a/c unit but I didn't use it). The location is gorgeous. The pool, when it's done, I'm sure will be a very nice way to relax! I always felt safe. They were open to my ideas about improving the farm (I'd love to come back and see those through, by the way!).
- - Electricity frequently goes out leaving you very hot. Lots of mosquitoes- LOTS. A net over the bed would be useful. No running water for showering, and sometimes the sink/toilet went out too. However, they were working on fixing that. Communication can be difficult if you don't speak French or Creole- learn a bit to help get you by. If you are not comfortable being on a farm (i.e. far away from city life and comforts), this will be a big adjustment, it helps to have an open mind. Phone/internet will not be reliable- be prepared to detach yourself from technology a bit.

  • Kiskeya Aqua Ferme responded to this review March 10, 2017 at 9:02 AM

    Our volunteer arrived at the end of a renovation which was 95% complete and we really appreciated her adaptability. The internet service is now high speed and operational with Wi-Fi, all the plumbing work has been finalized and the pool is completely done. Thank you again for your service.