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Study Abroad Programme Kingston University London

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9/ 10

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The year I fell in love with London

I absolutely loved my year spent in London! It is the perfect location to travel Europe from, and be entertained with when you spend time at home. Kingston University turned out to be a great place for me to adjust to the city life without having to worry about safety or the bustle of Central London. I wish the administration had been more effective in helping study abroad students with classes and councelling, but the school exceeded my expectations anyway. The International Office did a fine job of planning trips for visiting students to places like Oxford and Stonehenge. There was also a Leavers Boat Party on the Thames which was one of my favorite events! One of the best things about Kingston University is their Student Government and Activities program. There was over 100 societies and clubs to join, weekly events, and social gatherings that I felt very connected with the student body and the community. I would highly recommend joining the Volunteer Society, Wine Society, and one athletic club at least. Kingston is located 25 minutes (via train) from Central London so the travel in cost $17 for a day pass. I found the day passes to be worth the money because they work on all modes of transport inside the Capital. The education system is different in England, with students spending much less time in class and with no homework or midterms, but with a large amount of independent study. Final exams proved to be challenging to study for because of the sheer amount of topics covered throughout the year, but I found all of my exams to be quite straightforward and only mildly challenging. The Business School (and department) at Kingston is AWESOME!! I truely enjoyed attending 3 of my 4 classes and would love to keep in touch with at least two of my lecturers. As for support, there were many resources for students to call upon that really helped me maintain academic growth and overcome educational cultural gaps. I would highly recommend the Kingston University International Program to anyone who wants to be academically challenged, find personal growth, and meet people from around the world!