Vervet Monkey Project
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Vervet Monkey Project

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10/ 10

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Vervet monkey madness

What did I get myself into was my first thought after arriving at the project in Bela Bela, South Africa. I have always loved primates and searched for a long time to find the right program to me to assist in true conservation and have a chance to work with monkeys close up.

The eccentric German lady that runs the place, the interesting collection of all kinds of farm tools, vehicles and the basic volunteer accommodation were the things ai noticed first but as soon as I was taken around, heard the stories of some monkeys ending up here and seeing first hand that this project actually releases monkeys made my experience really worthwhile and gave me the sense I was part of something bigger.

This is not a zoo, nor sanctuary where animals live out their days, this is a conservation effort to rescue, rehabilitate and release vervet monkeys in the surrounding bushveld again.

The days started early, chopping fruits and veggies, helping in the nursery with all the babies, cleaning and feeding but living with these incredible creatures and even being responsible to take one to bed with me to feed and change nappies was a mindblowing experience!

Love the place and yes, you will be peed and pooped on but thats what monkeys do!