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The most wonderful experience in my life

I cannot describe what I feel in my heart, but I can start by saying that it has been unforgettable and I will really feel sad to leave Malawi in a weeks’ time. When I return, I’m looking forward to new and exciting challenges with all the friends I’ve met during my stay at Khaya Volunteer and Chideso.
I enjoyed my work at the organisation as it involved a wide range of activities and each day has been very different. I was helping elderly people and was cooking food for them. I learned how to make their traditional dish ‘Nsima’. I’ve also been helping at the office for IT classes, it felt really good to help young people to get a better future.
Behind the school of MBAWEMI WOMEN PROJECT I visited an old and very poor man. He had nothing to eat, so I informed Chideso to look after him. One Friday afternoon Isaac and Thimothy joined me, we gave him food, a mat, a blanket, some clothes, socks, underwear, soap and some money. I cried the whole time and just couldn’t stop the tears when I saw him.
Every morning I was looking after the kids and have been so amazed by these clever kids. They were always ready to learn with a lot of enthusiasm. I even spend some time with the whole community. The relation with the community has been truly warm and kind and I have been sharing many unforgettable moments.
I will certainly continue to work with Khaya Volunteers and Chideso and will be looking to get some donations for this project even if it´s a drop in the ocean, it will be worth it.
Being a “ MZUNGU “ in Malawi was actually a funny experience, wherever you walk on the streets it will never be boring.
I also enjoyed my time at home with Justin (coordinator of Chideso), we had a lot of fun together. He is a smart and friendly boy, always open-minded and very honest. For me, he will always have a place in my heart.
Malawi, the most charming country I have been in, I hope to see you soon. Thank you Khaya Volunteer, I enjoyed every moment of this wonderful experience and respect the Malawian people, as they give you so much warmth and kindness.
Today I’m sitting with a wonderful view of the Malawi Sea, and promised myself, to help the people from Malawi. I will start an organisation to help collect money, to give some people a better live.
These days my heart is burning for MALAWI, the warmest country in Africa. HEART OF AFRICA. God bless all the people, who will join me for helping this country.