Volunteer in Orphanage & General childcare Projects in India
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Volunteer in Orphanage & General childcare Projects in India

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Getting a Rural experience

Volunteering with Kenosis Foundation was my first time volunteering abroad, and I am so happy that I choice Kenosis Foundation, it has been one the best experiences traveling abroad.

I was traveling with a friend and we had the best time India with KF. We arrived in Bangalore which was the first we met Mr. Martin who picked us up from the airport, and made sure the whole time that we arrived at time for our planned program. We then met up with Issac, who would join us to the rural villages a few hours outside Bangalore. We lived in a village for around and the program consisted of meeting the villagers and getting to know them and their history – Kenosis Foundation is fighting to help children without parents, and helping mothers without a husband to support their children, giving them a normal and equal life and helping them as much as possible with their education. They also fight for women’s health and living conditions. Everyone was so friendly and we absolutely loved to meet them all, it was at times sad to see some of their conditions, especially I some of the smaller villages where education was almost a thing which the children did not know much of – because of the lack of teacher and the large distances to which they had to walk or commute.

We got such a deep cultural experience from seeing, hearing, meeting and talking with the locals and it definitely helped that we had Issac, who knew most of the villagers and knew all of what Kenosis is doing and what the different problems are regarding the rural areas. He gave us such a knowledge and helped us communicate with the villagers, and even taught us some Indian words (in this case Tamil).

We travelled away from Bangalore for a time, more for our own sake and pleasure, and had to come back to Bangalore to catch a flight back home – and even then Kenosis Foundation took care of us, and made sure that we were doing okay! When we came back to Bangalore for a few days before catching our flight, it was like coming back home to your family! They really took us under their wings, and for that I am forever grateful!

  • Kenosis Foundation responded to this review November 20, 2015 at 9:09 AM

    Hi Lasse, Its wonderful to go back how we all together we spend a precious moments together as friends and family in the village to see, experience and understand the whole humanitarian work of mine through my own Kenosis Foundation with women and children. I must appreciate you and marie being there ,giving full heart to spend your precious times , with always a smile and cheerful face and talking to every women and children you met. Your guys made the local village people and community very happy,new sense of belonging, to them by your gesture every moments.

    You guys made lots of difference in them. They enjoyed you guys dressing up like Indian, named two little kids to be called throughout their life. I remember Luna, the name you kept for a girl baby. Everytime, i go to visit the women group, the mother and her family ask you guys. They love you both.

    Do you remember guys? All women groups, you met, invited you both after...........? Hope you remember. They are waiting for you both again. Finally, I would really appreciate and thank you both for being a part of our community and brought great impact in the life of those people. We wait to see you and your friends soon. Please recommend our kenosis Foundation to your friends and join us at any times.