Volunteering in an Organic Farm in Italy
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Volunteering in an Organic Farm in Italy

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9/ 10

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La Vita Dolce

I spent a total of 20 exciting and eventful days at Italy Farm Stay in Sept-Oct of 2015.

The work this time of year was varied (the weather perfect!)...from wine making, to harvesting, cleaning rooms, taking care of the animals, and daily kitchen chores. Guest numbers varied, and with them the dish numbers accordingly...however it was usually filled with a fun atmosphere.
Its not just work, but being a part of a real Italian family, with its ups and downs. I felt at home very quickly, and mealtime felt like family dinners, social with fresh healthy meals from the garden. Pomegranates and figs grow abundantly to be eaten off the trees. Yum. Alongside Giuseppe I learned so much, but most of all his great attitude and favourite words...'La Vita Dolce' :) Also his wine is the best you'll taste!
The location is beautiful and peaceful, with lots to see locally by foot, or negotiating a ride with whoever's going to town (they are very flexible).

>>One helpful note I found to be true is....LOTS OF MOSQUITOS! Take bug spray!

Overally my stay was fun & memorable, I made some great friends and learned a lot along the way....I feel like a piece of my heart will always be there, and everything I learnt there I will take with me.

Ciao and I hope to be back some day soon...GRAZIE MILLE