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ISA Internships in Shanghai, China

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Professional Adventure Gone Right!

I knew I wanted to go to Shanghai, it's the business capital of the world! But my mandarin was absolutely sub-par, and living in a country without knowing anyone or its customs is a huge gamble. The thing is, I also knew I wanted to be the best in my field and that being able to succeed internationally meant I could succeed domestically as well. So I took the leap.

The ISA group was there every step of the way when I needed them. They didn't hold my hand, but they didn't let me into the wild without preparing me for what was in the 12 weeks to come. The only real commitment I had to give was a willingness to step out of my comfort zone.

The result? An unbelievable experience that furthered my hard professional skills and landed me a job upon returning to the U.S., two new international best friends, and an adventure I wouldn't trade for the world. I highly advise this to anyone looking to gain professional, personal and international experience.