Animal Release Center Development in Brazil
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Animal Release Center Development in Brazil

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Unforgettable experience

I volunteered with IPBio for three weeks to gain work experience with amphibian pitfalls. From start to finish the experience was incredible and highly rewarding, my only complaint is that I wish I could have stayed longer.

There is a real family dynamic at the reserve, the volunteers, and the staff made everyone feel at home. Everyone socialised in the evenings and we frequently arranged trips to the local town, Iporanga for shopping or a meal out.
The weekend activities are a fantastic opportunity to explore the area and to try new things, whether it is caving or visiting the local quilombolas.

After three weeks of the staying at the reserve, I am still amazed by the beauty and the biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest, I am an avid photographer and I am constantly finding something new to capture. IPBio is a wonderful place to get the rainforest experience, without having to sacrifice home comforts (such as WiFi!). The day to day work was always interesting and exciting, having the chance to undertake field research in the Atlantic Forest whilst also contributing to the conservation of amphibians was incredibly rewarding and an unforgettable experience.