Environmental progr in Ho Chi Minh via INTVS from 360US$
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Environmental progr in Ho Chi Minh via INTVS from 360US$


  • Arts
  • Childcare & Children
  • Community Development
  • Organic Farming
  • Orphans
  • Public Health
  • Teaching

Program Duration

1-2 Years, 2-4 Weeks, 3-6 Months, 5-8 Weeks, 7-12 Months, 9-12 Weeks, Multiple Year

Participation Guidelines

American, European, Canadian, Australian, South African, Kiwi, Worldwide and Asian Participants.

Cost in USD per week

Program fee starting from 19 USD per day and includes food, accommodation, orientation and more.

Program Includes:

* Airport Pickup
* Accommodation (Food and lodging) at the local NGO dormitory
* 1 to 2-Day Orientation
* Presentation of aims and structure of the local NGO
* Short introduction to Vietnam and the local area
* Practical information and arrangements
* 1-2 hours of basic Vietnamese (& possibly a chance to practice with a local volunteer)
* Sightseeing and exposure tour in Hanoi
* Visit to Host Placement(s) primarily with a program director.
* 1- day Mid-term Evaluation (for those who stay for 6 months and over)
* 1- day Final Evaluation
* On-going support and supervision during the program
* Local transportation to the volunteer site
INTVS charges its own fee of 185€, regardless of the time that a volunteer stays abroad which cover:
* Volunteer support prior to, during and after the volunteer experience (in English, French & Spanish)
* All necessary preparatory information including;
* Visas
* Vaccinations
* Travel/Medical Insurance
* Police Check form
* The program (the site, schedule, role…)
* Local contacts & important numbers
* History, demographics & local norms
* What to bring
* Do’s and don’ts
* Work and travel costs that INTVS staff incur to check up on and document the programs on a regular basis

Accommodation Options

  • Home-stays
  • Independent living
  • Other

Experience Required



* Must be at least 18 years old
* Must show eagerness & the ability to maintain motivation and reliability
* Experience is not necessary, but enthusiasm for hard work and to get involved in the cause
* Fit, healthy, and can adapt to the local situations

Minimum Education

High School

Application Procedures

  • Phone/Video Interview
  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Resume
  • Online Application