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Paid Internship in China programs (Shanghai)

Program overview: IntuuChina paid internship in China programs will provide you with the right entry to China. Unlike most internship placement companies, we differ ourselves...

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Thanks for everything!

Just dropping by to thank you guys for everything!
I got an internship in an asset management boutique as an assistant fund manager earning 2000 RMB base salary + some objectives on KPI that went up to 1000 RMB some months. After six months, I'm now working in this company and earning 8000 RMB base salary as a Fund manager. The Founder of the company was the one giving career advise, so it felt quite like a family. I was in an apartment (5 rooms), which was 3200 RMB per month and included a cleaning lady, internet and an electric bike. I was with other interns from the same program, so we are always going out together. The apartment was quite good for what you can find for that price... If you have over 4000 RMB budget per month, then I guess you can get to the next level in a shared apartment, but it was good for guys like us that are not earning a huge salary...
If you need to contact me for reference drop me an email to, I can introduce you personally to Marc, Fernando or Irene, that are the ones who took most care of me depending on the suitation.

Program: Paid Internship in China programs (Shanghai)