Volunteer in Construction and Renovation in Bali
International Volunteer HQ collage photos of participants International Volunteer HQ collage photos of participants

Volunteer in Construction and Renovation in Bali

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10/ 10

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Just do it!

Dare to live the experience you've always wanted and JUST DO IT!

I did wait so long to decided to go and believe me, now I just can't understand why?! At the main beginning I was afraid to go alone, by myself, without knowing anyone there; I started to think about what the project consists, about safety, accommodations, etc etc... I search between a thousand associations, companies and I had more doubts than certains. But was when I found HVHQ and I try to apply for this program, that I realize that you just need to go with the right organization. It was all thing so organized and transparent that I just decided was the moment to go!

Now, after three full weeks of an intense experience, where I had friends for life in all parts of the world, where I met fantastic local people and learn with the amazing stuff in UBUD, I just want to return back there! Was really a dream and you will forget you're volunteering to help change lifes, because it's changing yours.

As you, I did read all this reviews and posts and I had high expectations because of that.
In the moment I arrived in our accommodation in UBUD I couldn't believed, I felt immeadiatly like home. Someone was playing some music and they were all outside of the bedrooms and give me an huge hug of welcome. There were some "old" volunteers and I arrived with more 3 "new" and the match was perfect.

The first week is an introduction in the Indonesian culture and is the perfect moment to make friends and start to know more about this amazing culture. But the best part was when I started the construction program: you really see you're doing something concrete. The next day you will appreciate all the hard work you did and have the straight to start a new one with your team and in the meantime you will have a blast, you will get fun- and those are the moments you will never forget!

I just did it! And I will do it again!

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