Incredible Volunteering in Thailand: Costs from USD 320
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Incredible Volunteering in Thailand: Costs from USD 320

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10/ 10

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Wonderful experience in Thailand

It’s the first time that I have been to Thailand and also the first time I have been abroad. I have imagined culture shock and all kinds of maladjustment before the travel. However, it seemed unnecessary. The staff in Mirror Foundation was so warm and helpful that we all fond our feet in one day.

We arrived in Monday, and the programs started in Tuesday. I worked for the outwork program.

The first day was spent mainly in finding the orientation. We introduced each other in a meeting house, watched a video about Mirror Foundation, learned something about hilltribes in Chiang Rai, understood the rules for living at Mirror Foundation, and most importantly, oriented ourselves in Mirror Foundation.

The second and the third day we built a dam over a stream somewhere like a canyon. We were divided into three team, one digging and sending sand, one finding and sending stones and the last one constructing the dam. The teams worked extremely efficiently. We delivered sand, stones, and cement exceedingly efficiently and effectively in a row. With the help of local people, we completed it in one and a half days.

The forth day we broaden a road somewhere near the canyon, maybe called Ban Du. Firstly we dug at the margin of a field, then we put it into bags, and finally we moved the bags to the road. By doing this, we can broaden the road as well as opening up wasteland for farming.

Three days of work was really hard and uh...very dirty(forgive me for describing like this as I have never done something like building and gardening). I was very very tired, but when I was listening to the prey and thanks of local people at the end of the day, I was really happy. Not that I won’t feel weary after listening to the prey, but I do feel a kind of achievement, though I didn’t understand a word of the language spoken.

The last day we went to the White Temple, a fairyland of white constructions. In the afternoon, the staff sent us to downtown and we say goodbye to each other.

What impressed me mostly in the week were the kind local people and the food there. The local people are so hospitable that there was always enough food and help. I would never forget the wonderful night spent in my host family. The pineapples, the bananas, and the papayas there were sooooooo delicious. I can’t help eating them!

Expect my next travel with IVHQ!

  • International Volunteer HQ responded to this review March 21, 2017 at 6:39 PM

    Hi Ye Shen, Thanks for your great review! We are so glad that you were warmly welcomed when you arrived to Thailand and had the chance to meet the local team and other volunteers. It is awesome to hear of the efficient and effective way you worked as a team on the Outdoor Work project - it is incredibly satisfying to watch these projects come together. It has been a pleasure to have you volunteer with us and we can’t wait to see where you travel to next with IVHQ!
    Lynn – IVHQ Thailand Program Manager