Cleaning up the Streets in our Neighbourhoods while Learning Spanish!
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Cleaning up the Streets in our Neighbourhoods while Learning Spanish!


  • Childcare & Children
  • Orphans
  • Street Children

Program Duration

1-2 Years


It starts every January and July of every year

Age Range

In most of the program's the participants must be 16 years old, but in this case 18 is a must

This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants. This Program is also open to Families, Couples and Individuals.

Cost in USD

Depending on each case, please send an email for further details

Program Includes:

The participants have to pay for their lodging and other expenses that may come along the road... this costs are only for the placements and the complete help during their whole participation, so please send us mail for inquiring the different expenses and costs that will include this program... in case of having the volunteer particpation and the Spanish lessons at the sametime, the costs will increase a little more because he/she will have to pay a registration fee, another fee for the weekly tuition & a fee for the teaching materials, and if anyone would like to participate in the different trips/excursions that take place every weekend and/or holidays, the costs will vary a lot depending on the place of visit. For further info regarding the prices, please send us an email.

Accommodation Options

  • Apartment/Flat
  • Group living
  • Home-stays
  • Independent living
  • Other

Salary & Compensation

No pay is given in this area.

Experience Required



No experience is necessary, the participants must be 21 years old and up, The only thing TLALOC does require from the participants is to speak Spanish in a false beginner level and up, otherwise, they'll have to acquire the language prior to their participation.

Everyone must bring different personal types of clothing for the different seasons and weather we have in Cuernavaca and Miacatlan, Morelos. The following items are recommended to bring: Umbrellas, sweaters and jackets, shorts, sandals, tennis shoes, caps or hats (sombreros), etc... sometimes the participants will be having excursions and/or trips within the town and out of town and the weather varies. Speaking Spanish good enough to get by is a must too.

Minimum Education

High School

Application Procedures

  • Written Application

Scholarships Offered

Contact Provider for Details