Volunteer as a Community Caregiver in Virginia for a Year!
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Volunteer as a Community Caregiver in Virginia for a Year!

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Surprised at how much more than volunteering Innisfree provides

In the autumn of 2016, I went on the volunteer program in Innisfree Village.
I have long wanted to take part in volunteer work. I learned from the Internet about the international volunteering and about the organization Innisfree Village.
The motivation to participate in volunteer work and in this program for me was a sense of compassion for people in need. The warm and joyful meeting at the airport with director Nancy, then the first meeting with the staff and volunteers of Innisfree Village dipped me into the world of hospitality, kindness, quiet and friendly atmosphere.
Volunteer team are a very different people are from different countries: Germany, USA, Colombia and United Kingdom.
I was pleasantly surprised by the organization working with people with disabilities. They are busy working, they feel their importance to society. Innisfree's work is aimed at communication and development of people with disabilities. Here, all people, regardless of nationality, disability, status feel happy, can to live a full life, everybody try to help each other, to bring joy to others. Each contributes their work to the development of the community.
Every morning we see the sunrise from behind the mountains, listening to the singing of birds, admire the beautiful nature. After breakfast, we go to work, each engaged in their favorite job. Work is interesting, since it changes during the day. In my 51 years old, I learned so much that I not do before.
Sometimes we cook food together, have the opportunity to try dishes of national cuisine and, of course, exchange recipes. We communicate a lot, tell stories of life, wonder differences and enjoy similar things. It does not feel the difference in age or physical ability. People with disability teach me a lot, for example, I have a magnificent language practice and the ability to get rid of the language barrier.
Terms of life for all people of community are very well: comfortable home gym, a well-equipped kitchen, a communication center, swimming pool, well-equipped workstations.
Culture leisure well-organized, it is a visit to the library, museums, concerts, different sporting events and so on.
Everyone has the opportunity to attend their church, regardless of religion. In addition to working, we were and entertainment, such as discos, and holiday parties.
Participation in the program Innisfree Village an opportunity to get new friends, strengthen friendship and mutual understanding of people from different countries, exchange experiences, and to acquire new skills, particularly communication skills. I think that participation in program Innisfree Village develops the best human qualities.
Docent of Vyatka Agricultural Academy, Kirov, Russia Elena Usmanova