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Volunteer Program China

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10/ 10

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It was the first time I left my country. I traveled to the other side of the world, completely out of my comfort zone. Fortunately, I had the help of wonderful people of Bethel and ImmerQi. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming, helping me when needed. The teachers and staff at Bethel were extremely patient with me because I couldn't speak Chinese and most of them didn't know English. It was not a problem, but a good challenge. A great experience.

I fell in love. The little ones are adorable and I had the opportunity to be part of their education and growth. They won't remember me, probably, but I'll never forget them. They became really important to me in a surprising way.

I was supposed to stay only three months, but I loved so much the work that I asked to stay more three months. And, if I had conditions, I would have stayed longer.

I met several people, from China and other countries, and made great friends. I'm grateful to everyone who took part in this wonderful moment of my life. Thank you all!

I can't wait to comeback to China and visit Bethel again.

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