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Only time can tell

People say many things about time. For me, time is something I wish I had more of in China. But at first this wasn't the case. When I first got to China I was overwhelmed by the culture shock, hoping that I had less time. But the longer I stayed and the more comfortable I became while in China, the more I wished time would slow down. After the initial shock, my eyes were opened - widely opened - to the vast new world I had come to appreciate. The uncertainties I was first met with were quickly dispelled through the help of not only Immerqi and its staff, but my fellow interns whom I have become the closest of friends with in such a short period of time. Now, with the end very near, I wish I had more time here in China with the new friends I have made so that I can continue discovering more about this different world. Do I recommend this experience to others? Yes. Will I return to China? Well, for this, only time can tell.

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World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation