Youth and Sports Development Internships
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Youth and Sports Development Internships

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Youth Development Internship in Cape Town

The entire trip was magnificent and rewarding. I have met some truly wonderful people and have developed some great friendships. These people were truly welcoming, helpful and I am grateful for them being a part of my life.

At my internship, I was tasked with creating a Welcome Pack for the youth to inform them of the purpose, activities and services provided at the centre where I work, whilst simultaneously increasing the youth centre’s exposure in the wider community. The primary goal is to register and engage more youth at the centre in the educational and empowering activities that take place daily. The secondary goal is to break down the harmful perceptions of adults in the community that the youth centre is a place just for testing kids for HIV.

I was also able to conduct research for my thesis which was unique, incredibly valuable, and I am thankful to have gained new ideas and perspectives. The experience of working with a charitable foundation that adopts participatory approaches to community engagement for the sake of youth and community development has been truly enlightening.

There are not enough words to express my gratitude and thanks to if i could in facilitating this adventure. Cape Town is a truly wonderful city.