IES Abroad Shanghai - Engineering
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IES Abroad Shanghai - Engineering

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10/ 10

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A world-changing experience I wouldn't trade for anything.

I've been back in my home country for several months at this point, and I still feel this pull from China that I just can't get rid of. Ever since I started learning the language and getting to know the culture, I was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. And that's what drove me to choose to study abroad despite all odds and experience a country and a culture so different from our own. And you know what I found out? After meeting the people there and living with them and next to them every day for 4 months. All those things that made us appear different on the surface, were still things we could relate to and revel in. Our differences made us who we are, and that is such a beautiful thing. And then when I got to meet more and more amazing Chinese friends and friends from other countries I've never been to. I realized something. I can relate to these people despite a language barrier, despite an age gap, despite a different income level, despite a difference and culture. And this realization made me wonder. Why is that? Because we are human. Each and every single one of us is human, and this study abroad experience made me realize how powerful it is of a human experience, it is to travel and interact with other cultures.